La Bella Mafia

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Men from the cartel have stepped forward whenever the need aroused and they have performed for the welfare of the family, not for the city of course. The mafia has lived as a strong body for a long time and everything does have an ending. Sadly for the family, the end of its male members is a pure tragedy. All the cartel men were on the same plane when something went wrong with it after which nothing was left. Women of the family have shown their strength in The Cartel and The Cartel 2: Tale of the Murda Mamas but they have not governed Miami before. Ruling the men and dealing with the federal officials has never remained their business.

They know they if they run away from the challenge now it would be all over for their family. Old enemies also lurk in the shadows which means running is not a good idea at all. Also, it is up to them to investigate the plane crash issue and cut the throat of the one behind the conspiracy. Ashley and JaQuavis write about women’s power in the fifth installment.

The women not only deal with the things in Miami but they also try to increase their power to a new region. Landing in the new region didn’t prove easy for them, in the west they face more deadly enemies that are well settled in the place. So it is murders and bloodshed again which Cary Hite narrates all the way. With female dominating episode, Cary Hite had some issue with the pitch as it was less suitable at places but the words have remained crystal clear.

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