Lady Clementine

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Lady Clementine is a literature genre fiction novel. It is masterfully written by Marie Benedict. She was a professional lawyer in USA for ten years and then started a flourishing career as a novelist. Her The Only Woman in the Room novel made her the best-selling author in New York Times. Moreover, The Other Einstein is another top novel that did quite well to the repute of Marie Benedict as an author.

Elizabeth Sastre is the narrator of this novel. She has done a fantastic job in that capacity. Sastre is an actress so she managed to bring all her acting skills in giving the precise expression to the characters that she played in the novel.

It was in 1909 when Clementine step off the train with Winston who was her new husband. An angry woman out of nowhere comes to the scene from a dense crowd for attempting an attack, while shoving Winston right in the direction of a moving train. Clementine with her quick reflexes managed to grab Winston by his jacket. This was not the only or the last time that Clementine has saved her husband. There are many more instances to come.

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The Clementine novel is an aggressive story of a highly ambitious woman who was always behind Winston Churchill. It tells a tale of a partner who never cringed through the extensive darkness of war.

This is a historical fiction novel based on the life of Clementine Churchill. The book is very well researched and subsequently written. The couple of Clemmie and Winston was definitely a powerful one and the author has presented in a beautiful way in the form of a novel. Member Benefit

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