Land Keep: Farworld, Book 2

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Land Keep is the 2nd installment in the Farworld novel series. This novel was highly anticipated by audience due to the big opening received for the opening novel. As per the content and feedback by listeners, this is something extraordinary for people of all age groups. The author of this novel is J. Scott Savage who has done some brilliant work for teens in the science fiction fantasy genre.  A few other novels from the author worth listening are Fires of Invention and Air Keep.

The narration of this novel Land Keep is done by Mark Wright. He was good with his expression and tone to make characters seem larger than life.

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Four critical and magical Elementals such as water, fire, air and land have got the power to save the 2 worlds, including the Farworld and Earth. They were up against the magical powers from a common enemy, who was the Dark Circle. A portal s initiated between the two subject worlds that enables Kyja from Farworld and Marcus from Earth to combine their special gifts and start their quest to discover the Elemental. This is all that the followers know since the Water Keep novel of the series.

In Land Keep, Kyja and Marcus travel with Cascade, which is a Water elemental towards the Land Keep. The is home for the wise and resourceful Land Elementals. However, it might happen that their journey end much before it actually begins. The Land Keep is empty and completely deserted for more than a 1000 years. The rumor is that the powers who control the magic of the land are all extinct by now. The home for Kyja and Marcus lies only in the discovery of the Auger Well. Member Benefit

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