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Anne Rice as an author has great command over producing some really sensational horror stories. Most of her writing is completely dominated by paranormal fantasies, which are beautifully created and taken by the audience just as it is intended by the author. Lasher is another masterpiece by Anne Rice, which is actually the 2nd chapter of the much loved Lives of the Mayfair Witches novel series. Once again, Kate Reading with her sharp and powerful voice has given the narration of Lasher novel, which was highly appreciated by her fans and critics.

After the success of the first book of the series, the author, Anne Rice once again bring her audience to an even more magical and imaginative world. The world is of the dynasty of witches, which she alreay has introduced in the prequel of this novel.

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The queen of the coven, the very beautiful and charming, Rowan Mayfair and the Lasher, who she thinks as a captivating demon, whom she regards as totally irresistible and from his evil spell, she is bound to flee now. She takes along with her the exquisite and terrifying child, who is from a brood of children, who are capable of talking and standing right on their first day after birth. The attempt of Rowan to escape Lasher and his effort in her and their child pursuit sits right at the core of this amazing saga.

The Vampire Lestat and Interview with the Vampire are other popular novels written by the author, Anne Rice. Just as the name suggests, these both recommended novels are ghost or the Vampire horror stories, which are well conceived by the writer by giving full justice to the characters and storyline of these novels.




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