Last Christmas in Paris

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Derek Perkins, Mary Jane Wells, Gary Furlong, Antony Ferguson and Alex Wyndham are some of the names which the audience will find in narration. This book is like a history book so don’t take it as a serious history item because it has so much more which goes beyond the expectations of an ordinary listener. Hazel Gaynor and Heather Webb are the two writers of this book and their coordination in this masterpiece is excellent.

The story is linked to the First World War during which Evie and her brother along with a family friend named Will calculates that the war will end till Christmas. The three plan to celebrate Christmas together at the end of the war but nothing goes according to the plan. The war just goes on and on, during the war Evie and Will come close to one another through the letters which they write to one another.

Years later when Will finally get the chance to visit home and see Evie again, he becomes quite excited and thinks that both of them would talk about those letters for days. However on the arrival, Will gets the shock of a lifetime and he realizes that war has taken quite a lot from him. History was not touched in The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter and The Girl Who Came Home but this one is linked to a part of history which cannot be forgotten. The severe circumstances of war make the people of the era suffer in a way which ordinary people of the present day cannot imagine. The distance between loved ones used to play a very important role in those days when proper communication devices were not present.

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