Last Light

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Troy Denning writes about the aftershocks of the war that is a problem for the human world in the present day. Life of the Spartans was on the line during the war and most of them lost it too but when it ended they thought that peace would return to the land. Apparently peace did return to the land but not in the whole human colony.

On the far side of the universe there still exist some evils that try to hinder in the way of peace. Gao is one of those planets where the local people have started to behave differently or in simple words vulgarly. Planet in the past was famous for miraculous cures but now it emerges as the planet with streams of blood everywhere. Spartans are ordered to take a deep look into the matter, thus the ship arrives for a survey but they didn’t expect the situation to be this bad. After investigation it is proved that the planet is hiding more than just one secret.

Gao possesses the Forerunner technology that the local government wants to keep away from the reach of UNSC. Scott Brick puts more heaviness in his voice because it is all military fiction.  HALO: Oblivion and Halo: Silent Storm could be the next selection for the weekend after this book. These other two parts are also written by Troy thus the books possess the same style and battle scenes in them. Generally speaking every part of this long series is a masterpiece no matter which the author is, the stories have their proper theme and sensational fight scenes to amuse the fans.




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