Last Resort

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If anyone can describe heart touching sentiments and twist of fate at the same time then it is K. Bromberg. The author’s genius was seen in Resist and Down Shift by all of us and here it is more than the author has every created previously. A handsome and hot male is always hard to avoid if a girl is in serious need of a relationship. The girl was trying to avoid him but he looked so hot in his suit then one night she finally fell for him. She thought that the two of them would not be seeing each other after that night but she was wrong in her calculation.

After the night, she came to her office and there she finds Callahan Sharpe once again as her new client. She thought that she would never meet him again in order to save herself from that temptation but there he was once again in front of her. She was asked to help this billionaire heir in his last campaign. The man was going to leave everything because he wasn’t interested in it but still there was one thing he was interested in i.e his new attorney.

They went to the Virgin Islands for the solution of the problem, in this way they also got the time which they were in need of. The girl had not intentions of seducing Sharpe but his intentions were clear in his eyes. Though she tried to keep herself away but it wasn’t possible when they were too close all the time. Stella Hunter and Aaron Shedlock have narrated the major and the minor characters of the story at the same time. It is the coordination of the two narrators that has done the trick.

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