Leaving Time

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Jodi Picoult’s work is a must have item, the author touches life in a different way or perhaps brings the real face of mankind out in the open. Simple stories are provided with dramatic touch and then the whole thing gets resolved in a big way. This once again is about a woman in distress that reminds us about Small Great Things, but the story line has nothing in common at all. Jenna Metcalf has a mystery to solve related to her life. Most of the people think that her mother Alice left her when she was a child but she still after so many years doubt the thing.

Jenna cannot believe that her mother left her she is of the view that something bad happened to her mother that day and she wants to know about it. Alice loved the wild that’s why her daughter still posts her old journals on the internet so that from somewhere she might be able to get the clue about her mother. She wants to ask her the reason or the purpose of leaving the young daughter behind.

But the more she tries to get close to her mother the element of mystery is aroused to such an extent that she is amazed. The story moves in a way that one never expects and the journals that the mother left really had something buried in them. Rebecca Lowman, Kathe Mazur, Mark Deakins and Abigail Revasch give the ending more energy as compared to the rest of the story because it is the real strength of the novel. Overall it is an awesome work to get rid of your boredom on the weekdays.

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