Legacy First Colony, Book 3

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The human race has always shown a tendency to survive the odds in all the battles but this battle surely tests that ability. The colony along with its habitats has two options one is to surrender in front of the deadly enemy and die in an easy way and the second one is to fight back. Running is not an option they are left with because the enemy can come after them whether they hide beyond the Milky Way even. Then Connor is not the type who would advocate running as an option.

The man has been geared up for the last seven years because he believed that the threat is coming to them sooner or later. He rallies the people around and tries to take them out of the pit of pessimism in which they remain most of the time because of the things and people that they have lost.

There is also another problem that even if they are ready for a fight they don’t have the proper tools to fight a deadly enemy who took them out in their den i.e the earth. Ken Lozito has worked a lot on the emergence of this unlikely hero who was not supposed to be on the colony even. But now ironically he is the one who is trying to secure the last home the human race is left with. A great story of turns and twists and the continuity is great if someone has gone through Genesis   and Nemesis in detail.

Still a lot more to come because the author is not winding up the tale rather there is a shift in gears and we will hear about more action in the voice of Scott Aiello in the next part.

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