Legacy-Keeper of the Lost Cities

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Legacy is the 8th chapter in the popular and the bestselling Keeper of the Lost Cities novel series. It is an excellent novel for kids, who will find it very entertaining, especially in the audiobook format. The author of this novel is Shannon Messenger, who time and again has proved that why she is one of the finest novelists of her time for the younger audience. You can check out a few more quality novels from the author, which are Lodestar and Keeper of the Lost Cities.

The narration of Legacy novel is done by Caitlin Kelly and she managed to pull a fantastic performance for the listeners.

All the illusion created finally got shattered and Sophie along with al her friends is up against the most impossible choices of her life. Sophie Foster is desperate to get answers for all her queries. But, after a series of countless lies, the truth sometimes is the most dangerous finding. Even the smallest of all secrets comes with a range of horrifying new responsibilities.

Sophie is not the only one, who is dealing with the many blank spots associated with her past life or those many mysteries, which are surrounding her life. Sophie Foster and all her friends are an integral part of something, which is much bigger than they could have ever imagined. The roles for them have already been chosen.

Every clue that they find drag them much deeper into the building conspiracy. Every memory that they recall forces them to challenge everything. This is especially true for one another and the more they fight, more the lines between enemy and friends started to blur.




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