Legacy of Lies

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Crime scenes and thrillers can attract anyone if written perfectly. Authors like Robert Bailey successfully gain the attention of the audience by portraying tales with mystery and thrill in them.

A perfect mystery is the one in which evidence doesn’t leak all of a sudden rather there are slow revelations of evidence that continuously change the story. The current series opens with a good one in which Bocephus Haynes gets a case for which he was not ready. Throughout his life the poor lawyer has suffered at the hands of injustice and nature here gives him a chance to prove his worth in society.

When he returns home from office in a dead tired condition he finds Helen Lewis i.e the District Attorney General waiting for him. The lady thinks that she would soon be arrested because her ex-husband has been murdered and the police take her as the prime suspect. She and her husband had much difference in the past due to which they use to give a threat to each other in the open public.

Her ex-husband a few days ago told in a general public that he would leak some dark secrets about Helen in the coming days. So for the police, it is obvious that Helen has tried to keep those secrets hidden by killing her ex-husband.

The case which Eric G. Dove narrates is twisty and technical. For Bo, the situation becomes tougher than it was for the characters in The Professor and The Last Trial. As an African American by origin, the lawyer knows how it is like to be treated unjustly but for justice, he has to go beyond his limits, and in the end of the case he can suffer the consequences.

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