Legends Audiobook: Stories by the Masters of Fantasy, Volume 1

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Legends: Stories by the Masters of Fantasy, Volume 1

Stephen King and Robert Silverberg paired here to produce an impeccable novel where both of the well-known authors complemented each other quite well. The story is quite long but will never bore you right until its end. The novel has a couple of stories where the first one is ‘The Little Sisters of Eluria’ where King takes on further the untold chapter from his popular and well conversed story from the ‘Dark Tower Series’ that deals with epic curiosity of knowing about the elusive magician. Then it comes to ‘The Seventh Shrine’ where the author Robert Silverberg pens down the mysterious adventures of the Lord Valentine and Majipoor to some ancient tomb. These both stories becomes a pair under the title of this book, ‘Legends’ which definitely is true as they are authored by the most known and celebrated short story novels of the fantasy world.

Both the stories are incomparable and have got the flavor of their own. You really cannot tell as a listener that which one is better than the other one.

The narration of the stories is given by Sam Tsoutsouvas and Frank Muller who have prior experience to do the true justice being the voice of the main characters in the story. The readers who have gone through the ‘Dark Tower Series’ from Stephen King would surely love this sister story as they could relate and enjoy a lot of things between the two. If you are more interested in listening to a few other story books by these authors, then go for Insomnia, Salem’s Lot and the Lord Valentine’s Castle.


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