Lenobia’s Vow

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P.C. Cast and Kirstin Cast started this new dimension of the series with the history about the great professor Bryan Langford. 1788 is the year to which the story goes to this time and it’s Lenobia whom we meet in the form of a teenage girl. Her life looks similar to Zoey’s because it is full of worries and miseries. Problems that have surrounded her are ample to end her life before time.

Biggest problem of Lenobia’s life started with the issue of her birth; being illegitimate she never got the respect in the society that she wanted. Even in her house she was treated as a second grade citizen i.e deprived of all the luxuries that her sister used to enjoy.

Cecile the legitimate daughter of the baron had her wishes fulfilled in second or the moment they came out of her big mouth. Lenobia surely possessed the beauty charm but this too made her life more troublesome in the eighteenth century. The girl knew that she was not fit in the scene but she had no other place to go. Soon her charm puts her in much greater trouble during her voyage to New Orleans. A bishop in the ship with the dark powers seeks for her beauty and she has to keep her true identity hidden if she wants to survive. Between all of this she thinks that she has found the love of her life too i.e a young man that shows much appeal to her.

Caitlin Davies has narrated pure romance for the first time in the entire series. In Zoey’s case during Awakened and Destined the love was shifting from one person to another. In the start of the series there even came a time when Zoey had three boyfriends. So pure love and romance scenes were surely missing in the first six books.




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