Leota’s Garden

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Though Leota’s garden originally exists in the story but it stands as a symbol of the secrets and struggles of the past. Long ago Leota saw the horrors of war which she don’t want to tell anyone so she tried to forget them by planting a garden for herself and also for the future generation. In that garden she watched the things blooming along with the new generation of her family and she thought that it was the right way to bury all the secrets. For a long time she used to come in that garden and prayed to God for inner peace.

The children of the house playing around her didn’t know anything about the garden and the prayers of this elderly woman. Time passed and the children grew up as they grew up, their interest in the garden and Leota was lost so they migrated from that place. Now in her early eighties, Leota thinks that she and her garden are in need of serious help.

The garden is not in the original shape anymore as it is destroyed because of the lack interest of the younger generation. Leota herself cannot take care of the garden at this stage of life. Then one day her prayers bore fruit as a young boy with all the solutions in hand came to the garden.

Along with that boy, Leota’s granddaughter also returned to the place without any reason. Francine Rivers just like Redeeming Love and The Lady’s Mine has done it again here. With Melissa Hurst’s voice in the narration we listen to the story of an old lady who has a lot of secrets which she wants to transfer to the new generation before her death.

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