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Lethal is a well appreciated novel by both the followers and critics of this novel. It is written by one of the most respected novelist, Sandra Brown. She is an expert when it comes to create the best crime mystery thrillers with impeccable plot and powerful characterization. Victor Slezak is a gem of a narrator, who did his best in giving a meaningful and relatable narration of this book.

Honor Gillette was quick to extend help, when she was informed about the existence of a sick man lying in their yard. This information came to her by her 4 years old daughter. But that sick man was actually Lee Coburn, the person who was being chased for the murder of 7 people, just the night before. The desperate and armed Lee Coburn assures Honor that she along with her daughter wouldn’t be hurt as long as Honor is willing to do everything that he asks for. Honor, at her end had no choice other than to obey him.

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It was soon discovered by Honor that she is in no position to trust even her closest people. Lee Coburn revealed the secret that the expired husband of Honor possessed something immensely priceless, which put Honor and her 4 years old daughter in great danger. Lee Coburn wanted to reveal that valuable possession at any cost. Both Honor and Coburn run for their lives from the FBI.

Seeing Red and Hello, Darkness novels from Sandra brown helped her in her career to be known as the finest writer. She excels in crime mystery genre and these novels promises to give you the best entertainment in the fictional world, where you will find yourself in awe of the writer and her brilliant work.





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