Leverage in Death

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It’s a terrorist lobby against which Eve Dallas stand in order to save her city and state at the same time. We have seen a massive change in these last few chapters of the series as the crime goes on getting bigger and bigger and Eve also looks mature after every case. The story begins like so many other books by J.D. Robb, in a simple manner.

It was the meeting of the airline executives that turned into a master disaster when VP Paul Rogan entered the meeting with explosives wrapped all around him. The entrance of the VP thus becomes a threat to the survival of the whole board and not only that the threat also affects the repute of the company as well. Thus things become a bit complex as the case and the scenario goes on.

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The family of Rogan later tells Eve that they were held hostage by the two masked men and her husband did all that in order to save the family. One thing is for sure that Rogan never had any hidden agenda but the two masked men definitely had a mission that was accomplished well. Eve now works in cooperation with her husband Roarke who is seen helping her in many parts like Vendetta in Death  and Connections in Death: An Eve Dallas Novel.

This time too his connection provide Eve the true inner picture of the murder and all of a sudden in becomes a business issue rather than a mass murder that took many innocent lives. Susan Ericksen adds a grave tone to the narration to show the seriousness of the matter and also to make the business like gossip more apparent among the individuals.



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    Connections in Death

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