Library at Mount Char

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Library at Mount Char is a thought provoking novel with a great storyline and characters. The book is written by Scott Hawkins, who has an exceptional grip on the literary work that he does. It is a science fiction novel with paranormal fantasy theme. The narration of this engaging novel is given by Hillary Huber in a beautiful and catchy tone.

Carolyn is not a special girl or not different by any means from other people around her. She was a normal girl and she was sure about it. She was a lover of cigarettes, steaks and guacamole. She has idea about using a phone. She also knows what is the usage of clothes. After all, she was a normal human being and a normal American girl. That was all in history long time ago until she comes to the “adoption day”. This was the day when she along with several other kids found themselves being raised by a person, who they learned to call Father.

Father was able to do many weird things. He could call in significant light from darkness. Sometimes, he was capable of raising the dead. Consequences were severe, whenever he was disobeyed by anyone. Carolyn hasn’t seen much of the outside, since Father took her into his custody. She along with her adopted siblings were raised as per the customs of Father. They got through several books in his library and leaned quite a few special secrets of his and the part of mystery behind his special powers.

Scott Hawkins has many other classical novels to his credit. A couple of those that definitely deserves your attention are: Instant Attraction and Instant Gratification.








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