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Life Force is a book on health and wellness. It talks about the breakthroughs in the field of precision medicine and their impact on transforming the quality of our lives. The book is written by Tony Robbins, and coauthored by Peter H. Diamandis and Robert Hariri. Tony Robbins is considered the top business and life strategist of the USA. People love his life coaching sessions on leadership psychology and other useful stuff. Money: Master the Game is a book on personal finance by Tony Robbins which will make you learn good things about the subject matter. If you want to know more about money & finance, then his Unshakeable book will be a very informative read.

The narration of the book is done by Tony Robbins, Jeremy Bobb, Ray Kurzweil, Peter Diamandis, and Cassandra Campbell. It was just an average narration and could have been much better with fewer narrators, ideally, just one.

The world today is full of uncertainty and fear of health issues. In that situation, it could be tough to know where one could refer for getting some useful actionable advice, which could easily be trusted as well. The leading doctors, scientists, and researchers of today in the regenerative medicine field are into the production of diagnostic tools. They are looking to develop effective and safe therapies which could free them from any such fear related to health.

Tony Robbins in this book has done a great job to bring the top 100 medical minds of the world to help with many of your health-related issues.

Life Force has extremely powerful content in the health and fitness category and for that reason, it became an instant bestseller in New York Times.

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