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Walter Mosley is back again here with the 12th book in his Easy Rawlins mystery novel series. Those who have gone through its prequels would know how strong and diverse the character of Easy Rawlins is. Michael Boatman as the narrator of this impresses once again with his expressive voice.

Walter Mosley comes into the literary writing arena in 1990 and rose soon to fame. He started off with his first book of the Easy Rawlins series. With just his first book, he managed to gain attention of a large number of readers, including Bill Clinton, the future president of USA.

Eleven years later with the Little Green book, he has earned the repute of an iconic literary writer. His character Easy Rawlins is widely referred and he has created through him a great contemporary detective character.

In the Little Green novel, Easy Rawlins literally returns from the rim of death. He was at yet another detective mission in the dark side of the Los Angeles in 1960s hippie haven, widely known as the Sunset Strip.

Little Green, Evander went missing on an acid trip. Easy felt a spiritual, physical and a highly emotional resurrection, but all the love and peace got soon exchanged with mayhem and murder.

The mystery of this novel is epic and will take you back in time. You will have a great experience bifurcating between evil and good.

Little Scarlet and Cinnamon Kiss are other novels from Easy Rawlins and part of the Easy Rawlins mystery novel series. In order to enjoy some best mystery fiction and knowing about the diverse literary skills of the author, these mentioned novels are highly recommended.





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