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Lisa Gardner has written suspense and thrillers all her life but never have we seen such a thing from the writer. It truly is a roller coaster the taste of which you cannot deny. With the thrill now comes the chill of horror which attracts and scares you at the same time. Like the previous part The Neighbor the novel once again has three narrators in stock. Kirsten Potter, Ann Marie Lee and Rebecca Lowman lack a little coordination at the initial stages of the novel but this happens for the first act only.

The rest is a smooth rise as we don’t notice any hitch, pause or the mixing of voices that usually happens when two start talking at once. Killers or the criminals are always tricky and cunning in Lisa’s works because they are always there where you are trying to hide from them.

Four people are killed this time and the only survivor lies in the ICU is the father and no one knows that whether it is a murder or he committed suicide after killing the rest of the people. Warren still has other views, she is dead sure that there are more things attached to this case that are not visible to the naked eye.

Danielle Burton is also haunted by her past and the tragedy that her family faced years ago and she knows after hearing about the case that it is happening again, the killer is back. There is a third case as well related to Victoria Oliver who is concerned about her son’s safety.

The son has no threat from the outside world as the family has no enemies but there is someone in the family who wants her son dead. Once again we confront three different women facing three different situations but somehow they are interlinked.





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