Living Dead in Dallas

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Romance and comedy was never linked to the world of vampires before, there was always lust and blood thirst that described the vampires. Charlaine Harris had other views in Dead Until Dark about vampires where they were allowed to come out in the world of humans. All of this happened because of the synthetic blood that was invented.

That invention also helped Sookie to unite with the love of her life. In the second book Sookie the ordinary waitress now possesses the extraordinary powers like that of the vampires. But she is not happy rather this new self gives her a creepy feeling for the time being. In order to adjust herself with her powers she shows readiness to go with the vampire band to Dallas.

Her boyfriend Bill is also with her and the two are on a hunt for another vampire who has suddenly gone missing. Sookie before departure forces the vampires to promise not to harm humans who come in their way during the search. The promise is made but very soon a religious cult hinders their way of the vampires and they are not ready to show mercy to Sookie too because she is also a vampire now.

The waitress is forced to think that the time has come to show her fangs to the world. Club Dead is the third part after this, also delivered by Johanna Parker and everyone hopes to see more fun in the next part. Sookie is also among the vampire now and the more she wants to bridge the gap between the two worlds the more things become tough for her.



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    Dead Until Dark

    Club Dead


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