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Grace Hardwick’s dad is the kind of overprotective dad who doesn’t seem to want his daughter out of his sight any minute. But she must go to college and grow like every normal child. Her dad is a renowned science fiction writer with a subtle and sometimes controversial writing plot.

When Grace was about leaving college, her father can’t stop thinking about the damages wrong societal exposure can cause to her precious daughter. Then towards the end of her freshman year, his fears became a reality.

There were coordinated terrorist attacks at several locations around her school. Robert could not even have a clear conversation with her daughter over the phone. They lost contact. But before then, he has already reminded her about the key she constantly wears around her neck.

What is not clear to Grace is what her dad wants her to do with the key.

Amidst confusions and chaos, she set out to find why this key is so important to her safety and return. She set out to find out what the key opens with no other information about the key. What she knows is her dad will not fail to provide a backup plan if she travels very far away from home.

Grace set out on an unfamiliar journey which could either take her home peacefully or take her into a forever lost path. Her key, of course, is her only guide.

There is no doubt that Horton is a great author, considering the intriguing tales in his books such as Compound Fracture and Grace Under Fire

And just like others, this book began with an all packed action. From the beginning till the end of the book, the reader with encounter series of plots and counter plots that makes it grow in suspense.

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    Grace Under Fire


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