London Bridges

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Alex finally gets a new girlfriend in the form of Jamilla Hughes and this brings back some romance in the air. Narrators Peter J. Fernandez and Denis O’ Hare also get a chance to narrate something other than corrosive missions in which Alex continuously gets involved. After Christine, the audience hardly witnessed any girl present near Alex and this has made his personality rigid too. The new entry of Jamilla calms things a little and then the bad Wolf shows his face again.

This time this mysterious man is not making people slaves rather he has a plan to kill every human being on earth if they fail to kneel in front of him. As an example or ultimatum, the Wolf blows up a city and then sends the pictures along with the recording to the world governments. One thing is clear if you are not accepting the authority of the Wolf then you will watch your local people dying in front of you.

There is nothing anyone can do but Alex is not ready to accept everything as it is. Alex has achieved the impossible during different missions in Four Blind Mice and The Big Bad Wolf so the eyes are set on him once again. Weasel is another name that comes to the scene when Alex starts the mission and with this name old memories start appearing in his mind. This man is linked to Alex’s past and facing two of the deadliest enemies at the same time is tough for the poor old detective. Again no help is given to Alex by James Patterson and he marches on solo against all odds.

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    The Big Bad Wolf

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