Lone Wolf

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The novel first starts with the description of the wolf family and its culture or trends and then it is joined with the world of the humans that too according to Jodi Picoult is not very different. The wolf knows when it is not able to serve the family anymore and thus it instead of becoming a burden on the family leaves it quietly. While living on its own the wolf has very minute chances of survival but that is the risk it takes.

Luke Warren a researcher on wolves faces the same situation in his life when he is left alone by his son as they were not going along well. There were things between them that they thought were better to be kept buried but now when Luke faces an accident its decision time for the family. They had to decide that whether they should try to save their father or let him die. Cara the sister and Edwards have secrets they cannot share at any rate and they think that their father too will want to die without the revelation of the secrets.

Sacrifices and family bonds are never painted so perfectly in any of the previous tales like Second Glance or Small Great Things but here it is without any weakness. Natalia Payne, Celeste Ciulla, Nick Cordero, Angela Goethals and Andy Paris narrate the characters present in the pack with quite enthusiasm and fun.

They have enjoyed their work and that has always been the key element of an excellent performance. The message is presented first in a symbolic way and then it is clearly portrayed and it sure has an impact on the mind and soul.

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