Long Bright River

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Long Bright River is a fictional novel. It is written by Liz Moore who had quite a few successful fictional novels to her name. A couple of those are Heft and The Unseen World.

It is a very powerful novel by Liz Moore, who manages to portray immense compassion for all her characters. It is an outstanding crime novel. The story in this novel is about a couple of sisters who use to travel in the same streets. Their lives could never be different from each other in any possible way. However, one of them goes missing without a trace. The name of the girl who goes missing is Kacey. She disappeared right at the same time when some mysterious serial killings had just started in the district of Mickey. Mickey is the other sister who was a police officer. Both of the sisters were not in good talking terms of late and before Kacey vanished. However, Mickey was very much concerned about her disappearance.

Due to the serial murders issue, Mickey was even more concerned in finding the culprit and also to find her sister. She wanted this to be done before it is too late.

The story in Long Bright River is a heart wrenching and a heart pounding story all at the same time. It is a tempting suspense story. You will find some real emotions of sisters and the amazing ties that exist between family, place and fate.

The Long Bright River went on to become the bestselling novel in New York Times. The audiobook is a phenomenal experience, which is all thanks to the spectacular narration given by Alyson Ryan.

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