Look for Me

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Book nine of the unending dramatic series touches our ears in Kirsten Potter’s voice that has been playing a vital role in making the series more appealing to the mind and soul. Detective D.D. Warren has always remained successful in the race against time situation but the race against time thing saps most of her energy and she is left with quite a little time for her family. That is something we have seen missing in most of the parts after The 7th Month and Fear Nothing.

This time like always she is not going to her home for a rest or a day with her family instead she is going to another home that has become a crime scene. Nobody knows who killed the four family members out of five without any clue behind. The fifth member who is alive too has vanished in thin air.

No one knows about the six year old missing girl and the people in the neighborhood have not seen her running away which means that the killer has abducted her. But why she was not killed on the spot terrifies D.D. Warren the most. Sinister things have been lurking on her city for years and she knows that the case is not leading her toward a pleasant climax.

Lisa Gardner has added an extra help for the detective in the novel as Flora Dane too is on the case because she is a kind of avenger now who looks for such criminals and bring them to justice in her own style. Flora is helping Warren but not in the way which she had liked as a police officer of Boston.






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