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About The Lord of The Rings trilogy

The Lord of the Rings is the novel collection of three fantasy adventure books written by John Ronald Reuel Tolkien (1892 – 1973), a British author. Published from 29 July 1954 and translated into around 38 languages, the work has been sold over 150 million copies. Under the same name, the large project of film series (2001 – 2003) directed by Peter Jackson was also successful, as expected, with overwhelming praise from experts, and won 17 Academy Award nominations.

Audio Playlist

Book 1: The Fellowship of the Rings

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Book 2: The Two Towers

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Book 3: The Return of the King

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The fantasy classic novel is divided into three volumes: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King. The plot of the trilogy is all about the One Ring – the most powerful ring, which anyone wearing it can have the power to rule human beings, elves and dwarves. Who will be the Ring’s Lord? And, who will be the Lord’s loyal servants? Who knows… The only thing we know is that the competition between the Good and Evil starts for the Ring.

Do not miss one of the best selling novel in the world! With audible books, it has never been easier than ever for you to enjoy the whole collection of the Lord of the Rings. Listen and the adventure is now yours!

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    125 thoughts on “The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Audiobooks”

    1. This audio Book version of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy is fantastic! VERY well done and extremely entertaining! I have loved listening to them while recovering from a concussion. It has helped me pass the time away while I rest and heal my brain. Lol.

    2. How on Earth has this only got 3 1/2 stars? I listened to the first 10 minutes and it got an instant 5 star rating from me! I’m hooked!

      This is absolutely amazing. The voices, the music and the background noises and effects are all remarkable and fit together perfectly.

      Is there anywhere I can buy this on CD?

    3. This is absolutely wonderful! I would very much like to buy these audiobooks if possible. The narrator did an amazing job, and I would love to own these and listen to them again. Someone else mentioned above they would like to buy the CD, but they were given the official audiobook link, and I honestly can’t stand the narrator.

      Any other audiobooks from the narrator available on your website as well?

    4. It is a very impressive undertaking, and I like how it is practically unabridged and yet dramatised. However, it’s unfortunate that Pippin’s voice is a take on the film version. It would have been better if the narrator had referenced the BBC radio version to get an idea of the voices, rather than the films.
      Also, how can you not pronounce Southern and Southerner correctly? Or Laden for that matter? I found that puzzling and a little grating. I feel if the actor had listened to one of the unabridged versions read by an English actor, and the BBC Radio version, then a truly great version could have been created.

      Still, it is an epic achievement. All of the music and sound effects (so far) are great! With some editing it would be a 10/10 for sure. Well done!

    5. Listening to these audiobooks is an amazing experience. Combining the words of Tolkien with the music and sounds of Peter Jackson’s film trilogy is enough to put tears in my eyes. Thank you for your dedication to this incredible story.

    6. Hello what is the name of the narrator? I want to make sure I download the right version on congratulations for a great work!

    7. Hello,
      I’ve cried more than once while listening to this audiobook. At the very end, I felt like a part of me left to the Havens aswell. Thank you and also a big thanks to everyone who participated in the making of this audiobook. It’s great !
      If only JJR Tolkien had written more.
      I’ll be waiting with impatience for other audiobooks made of his work. Maybe the Silmarillion ? =)

      In any case a big thank you once again !

      P.S. I’ll buy it on audible to make sure to reward the makers. Could you link me the right version please ?

    8. I Don’t feel like I am listening to an audio book but to a movie with my eyes shut. This is pure Genius, I a mtotally adicted thank you very much for sharng this. Phil is a Genius.

      • Yes I agree, the time I have consumed listening to this book it incredible, it also has an astounding narrator. I give hope that this book will be very popular, as soon as possible! The creators really deserve it I have a lot of trouble sleeping at night but this has really helped. Also, Thanks to the creators for making such a helpful, great thing

    9. Compliments from the Netherlands! I am a fan off tLOtR, for a long time!
      This recording is “slagroom op de taart”. Thanks Tokybook!

    10. This work is astounding to me! The attention to the dramatization is especially good. As an example , the sound of Ted Sandyman setting his beer mug down on the table , just before responding to the first of Sam Gamgee’s statement’s, during their conversation at the Green Dragon.
      So good.Thanks for many hours of enjoyment.

    11. this audio book has been very helpful for my school work i can answer the questions while sitting here and listening. thank you for this amazing free audiobook. most have you pay to listen but this one is free.

    12. I’d like to say what a fantastic journey you’ve taken me on with LOTR, thank you.I started listening through youtube one evening, and never stopped. When I realised the audio was available from you site with no adverts I couldn’t believe it! Truly great work

    13. I started rereading The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy and when I came towards the end of The Fellowship Of The Ring I realized that I was missing a whole bunch of pages. 🙁 So I turned to the internet and found this truly amazing gem! As much as I hate missing a chunk of my book, I would not have found this audio book otherwise.

      Combining subtle themes from Howard Shore’s fantastic score with excellent sound effects and top notch story telling voices, has made this an absolute pleasure to listen to. It’s as if I can exist in the fantasy of Middle Earth for a bit longer now. I cannot wait to listen to the continuation of the trilogy and I agree with many of the other comments above that I would gladly purchase a CD collection of this that I would greatly cherish. To everyone involved in this project: what an incredible job you all have done and thank you so so much!

    14. Is The Fellowship of the Ring abridged, I didn’t think it was, but I know The Two Towers, and Return of the King are. I looked at the book on kindle, someone said there was a part missing with Aragorn saying goodbye to Bill at the gates of Moria, I didn’t find that, but I could be wrong.

    15. I have been a fan of LotR for nearly 40 years, having read the books well over a dozen times, listened to radio 4’s adaptation nearly every one of those years. I am unable to watch the films, though they are fantastic the differences are too much for me to endure.
      This is now my favourite version, when I don’t have time to read. It constantly brings me to tears. Thank you Tokybook.

    16. Thank you so much for these Audiobooks! I have thoroughly enjoyed them and recommend them often to others. The different voices helps me keep track of who’s speaking, especially in the long descriptions. Thank you!

    17. Thank you so mush for this audiobooks! They are really amazing:) I am in love with you work 🙂 it is the best ever audiobook:)

    18. Hands down, THE BEST audiobook I have ever listened to. I used to dislike audiobooks but this changed my mind. 100/10. Wish there was a version of it available for purchase, would definitely pay big bucks for this. Thank you so much Toybook and the narrator and everyone else who worked hard to make this masterpiece happen, it has given much happiness and pleasure to many people.

    19. I’ve read this trilogy like 5 times, I watch the movies every year, huge fan of Tolkien , this is astonishing , I’m so amazed I can’t stop listening . Thank you so much , I can’t thank you enough . You brighten my days.

    20. Please credit Phil Dragash for the years it took him to create this amazing production. It is considered fan-based so it cannot be bought or sold.

    21. Oh my word! This is the best audiobook I’ve ever listened to! I’m reading Lord of the Rings to my little brother for the first time. The chapters (especially the Council of Elrond) can be long and tiring to read aloud. I had read about a 6th of the book when I came upon Toky Book by the advice of a friend. I was immediately hooked! The voices are amazing, and the sound effects are absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!! Thanks so much!

    22. Thank you so much for this labour of love. I’ve listened to all three books over the past week and thoroughly enjoyed it. I greatly appreciate the time and effort you put into this and have been recommending it ever since I came across it via a comment under one of your YouTube posts.

      A light in the dreariness of the pandemic lockdown.

      Best wishes to you!

    23. This is a wonderful reading! Is there any way to download it directly? I don’t mind ads so much as I do the VOLUME of the ads… very jarring, and totally ruins the mood.

    24. I hope this audiobook stays available. It has been taken down from every other place, YouTube, Soundcloud, everywhere. The copyright vultures seem to be circling. Hopefully no one takes this one down. It would be a grievous loss. The dramatization makes the book so much more thrilling.

    25. I miss the old format. I like to listen to this while I’m going to sleep and before if I fell asleep during the middle of a chapter I could just jump to the point where I left off the next night. I can’t do that anymore. I have to start at the beginning of the chapter every time. Please, if you have any power over this, please, put it back the way it was.

    26. I’m currently wrapping up my time in the US Army. I have listened to this audiobook countless times to help me escape. I suffer from PTSD and this audiobook has helped me many times. Thank you so much for everything.

      Also for anyone wanting to download the audiobooks just google “LOTR Phil Dragash” it will be the first like the site then scroll to the bottom and the download links are there

    27. The chapters no longer just start one after the other. They stop after each chapter and I have to manually start the next chapter. This is especially irritating when trying to fall asleep, as the sudden silence between chapters actually wakes me up if it happens just after I drift off. *Please* fix this as I absolutely love this version of the audiobook and this issue really spoils the listening experience even while awake.

    28. This adware web site has ruined this great audio book sadly you can’t listen to this without an ad every 3 minutes

    29. Issue with the fellowship chapter “journey in the dark”
      In the 22nd minute time skips from them coming up from the lake to Gandalf discovering the door.


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