Lords of the North

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The dissatisfaction of Uhtred continues in this third book of the series and we see him totally dejected because he still fails to find his true position in life. He was never the part of the Viking tribe though was raised by them and when he comes to his true native land he fails to coexist with the rulers. It was Uhtred who helped King Alfred to win the war in The Last Kingdom and The Pale Horseman but now he is disgusted by the king as he thinks that the king was never worthy of such a success.

Thus the dispossessed son goes to the north in search of his step sister so that he can find something worth his time. When he reaches north he finds rebels bringing havoc to the state and the only one he finds could help him win the battle is a nun who is committed and loyal. Among the rest of the allies he gets a slave who is as loyal to him as a slave is loyal to a king.

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Assuming him king the slave is ready to sacrifice his life for him when the time is right according to him. Bernard Cornwell takes the story to new battle grounds and towards the end it returns back to where it started in the court of King Alfred.

Uhtred realizes that the king was right after all the Vikings betray him in a treacherous way and he finally see the true picture behind those who feed him in his early years. Tom Sellwood is the new narrator and though the series is not moving with the same narrator but still the narrators are doing a fine job throughout.




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