Lost Empire

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Clive Cussler presents to us the pair of husband and wife who have a lust for adventures all the time. Sam and Remi Fargo enter this second adventure of the series with same enthusiasm as was present in the first part. The stakes are high for them as this time failure means death for them and no one wants to dies so soon.

Sam and Remi just went for scuba diving and in the process they got hold of an artifact that appeared quite valuable to them. The couple needed such a thing in order to trigger out their passion for thrill. The quest starts and the artifact proved to be an ancient relic that belonged to a confederate ship. The one thing that the couple never knew about was that a team from Mexico was also in search of the same thing and they too would not survive if they fail to get the job done.

The race starts with one mystery after the other disclosing and making the journey tough for both teams out of which only one can survive. The thrilling nature of the novel is enhanced to next level by the voice of Scott Brick who has also narrated the other parts of the series like The Kingdom, The Tombs and The Mayan Secrets with great energy.

Another great thing about the series is that it is not connected as each part serves as a new mission and the ending is complete with no relation to the past or the next. The use of words is simple but the description is sensational without any horror or massive killing scenes which makes it suitable for the kids as well.



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