Lost Girl

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Turning into a werewolf from a simple human was a big change for the poor girl still she started adapting the situation. The adaption was necessary for her survival also after the incident she also got blessed with a hot mate which she cannot leave now. Sawyer happens to be her true mate and she cannot live without him now. Sawyer also loves her and sees her in the way like no male has done ever before.

Magic Lands have been in peace for a long time and this time it appears that the peace would not be there for very long. Sawyer is nowhere to be found after he ran after an enemy who was talking about his mate in a bad way.

For the sake of honour, Sawyer wanted to take revenge and in his absence the vampires are taking over the land. The vampires have abducted the girl and she has to get out of this mess if she wants to survive and save the Magic Lands from the threats that are approaching. Leia Stone has knitted the series quite compactly.

There is no rest in the magical world because the werewolves will get extinct if they don’t pay attention on the developing situation. Shadow Angel, Book Three and Annihilate are other books with dominant characters and themes. If you have not completed this series then you should not think of anything else because leaving this series incomplete will damage the fun.

Vanessa Moyen has narrated every word clearly for the audience so just sit back and listen in a leisurely way because you are going to enjoy the long ride.

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