Lost Hills

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Lost Hills: Eve Ronin, Book 1

Eve Ronin’s legend starts from this inspiring tale where several of the story tags are borrowed from real life incident. Lee Goldberg famous for his chilling stories outclasses his own self after a very long time.

Continuity and rhythm are the two things that are unmatchable in Lee’s work, the author keeps such a grip on the story and the characters that it looks as if he is knitting a fabric with no spores or extra space in it. Eve Ronin in this novel is just a young Deputy who wants to prove her worth in the department.

In her off duty time she still keeps an eye on the surrounding and reaches the criminals in a flash. One such incident made her famous in the media because she arrested a celebrity and then after that life totally changed for her.

She was shifted to the scale of a homicide detective and now she deals in big fish. One of those cases fell big on her when she reached a crime scene and found out that though there were blood pools but now dead body. The psychic killer has been producing such crime scenes for quite a while now and no one knows where the bodies go. Eve has a chance to prove her worth or she could just go to the dust after a failure.

The book is narrated by Nicol Zanzarella, surely a voice of the modern era the narrator deals with Eve in an extraordinary way. Nicol gives Eve a voice which is so real that we feel that the young officer is standing beside us.

If anyone has listened to True Fiction and Killer Thriller before, than get ready because this book will out class them. It has more impressive characters and the murder scenes just keep you guessing that whether the murders were really performed or not.

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