Lover Avenged

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 R. Ward is a notable name in the literary writing fraternity. He has blessed his audience with a number of top rated novels. A couple of those notable ones from the author are Where Winter Finds You and The Sinner. Jim Frangione has done the narration of Lover Avenged novel, which was a brilliant performance.

At this time, just as the vampire warriors goes on to defend the entire human race against the slayers, something serious needed to be tested. It was the loyalty of one male from the Brotherhood that will be tested big time in this scenario. The challenge also lies there in the dangerous mixed blood of the Brotherhood that also got revealed.

Rehvenge as always has managed to keep his sweet distance from the Brotherhood. This was ensured even though her sister is married to one of the member of the Brotherhood. Rehvenge goes on to harbor a very dangerous secret, which has got the potential to make him a considerable liability in path against the lessers.

Just as the plots inside and outside of the Brotherhood poses threats in revealing the mighty truth about Rehvenge, he then reverts to the only available source of light in the immensely dark world. That source of light was Ehlena, who was a vampire. He was someone untouched by any means of corruption, which could ever had their hold over him. That was the one and only thing, which was standing in between eternal destruction and himself.

The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series and specifically the Lover Avenged novel has introduced listeners to a different and creative violent world.

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