Lover Unleashed

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The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series is a grand saga where every novel is quite unique and has got its own special individuality. Lover Unleashed is just one of them that has considerably good fan following both in print and audio versions. The audio version of this novel was taken to an altogether different level with the adorable voice of Jim Frangione. His expression, pronunciation and toe were all par excellence as per the audience and critics of this novel.

The author J. R. Ward has surprised his fans with some really amazing novels. Where Winter Finds You and The Sinner are god enough novels to prove his worth as one of the finest writers of fiction of his time.

Payne is a twin sister Vishuous, where both are cut from the same seductive and dark cloth. They both were imprisoned by their mother for eons, who was Scribe Virgin. She managed to finally free herself but then only to come across a significant and a devastating injury.

Manuel Manello, M.D. is sent off by the Brotherhood in order to save her from the situation, which only he could possibly do. But, just when the vampire warrior and the human surgeon meets, then both of their two worlds collided with each other and that too right in the face of their irrefutable passion.  Having so much of things working all against them, is it possible for the love to prove its worth and show itself as stronger than the biology that separates the two?

The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series is the top rated saga of New York Times, which comes from the best-selling author, J. R. Ward. Lover Unleashed is a thrilling novel that is not to be missed by any fan of J. R. Ward.

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