Loyalty in Death

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We come to Eve’s personal life once again something that was quite popular in the starting volumes. In the mid of the series Eve’s profession dominated of her personal life which was apparent in first three parts. Thus we saw more of the Lt. Eve Dallas rather than the woman who has a secret admirer who taunts her every now and then through love letters. The mysterious lover of Eve is not just a lover he is a lover with a criminal back ground.

He shows no mercy towards his prey. The hard times loom on New York as a bomber threats the city with a massive terrorist attack at the same time Eve starts receiving letters. These letters are not just taunting letters this time they are with a promise to kill the people who are corrupt according to the killer.

But what could be done if the whole masses are corrupt in one way or the other. Eve in a desperate run tries to save not only the city that he loves but also the people that she is attached to. The crime takes the next gear in this part as massive killing was not there in Holiday in Death and Midnight in Death or any other part. J. D. Robb wanted something big because the writer intended to show his main character as a developed and mature being that could bear any sort of pressure.

The race against time makes this suspense story a thriller as well. the urgency is clearly visible in the tone of Susan Ericksen as well who shows great control on her narration even with a change style.

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