Lusam The Dragon Mage Wars, Book 5

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Dean Cadman is not stopping at any cost in this story that is a travelogue full of adventure and mysteries. The quest is unending, after getting to one abject or the completion of one task the gang gets another one. Lusam and his friends were trying to keep the Rift close in Lusam and sadly the group of heroes failed.

The dark god has been unleashed and now he wants to bring havoc to the land by letting the Netherworld in the human world. Dark times are upon the world of magicians, Lusam and Neala cannot fight the demon because he is too powerful for them. The only way they can get a chance is to find the fourth book that is still hidden somewhere in the south. The chances are vague but the band of friends is willing to take it, and moreover they don’t know what else they can do in such grim situation.

There are sad prophecies like the death of Neala loaming over the group of friends. Lusam knows that the fate of the world now awaits his decision and if he backs away from the challenge there would be nothing left for anyone to fight for anymore. This time it is a race against time if Lusam wants to write the future of Afaraon according to his will.

It is upon chance and coincidence which the heroes are surviving in this fifth part of the series. Alex Wyndham can be branded as the official narrator of the series now, the narrator has covered all the parts without slightest of weakness in any of the chapters or parts.

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