Lusam The Dragon Mage Wars, Books 1-2

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The young Lusam sets foot in the fictional world with full grandeur the resident of the Elveen Mountains is seen in the start without the parents or the rest of the family. Just a grandmother is everything he has in the house as a sole family member at that’s all. The family is attached to the world of magic and this is the first and only thing the boy learns from the grandmother. Lusam the one with an odd sort of powers is the one who is being searched all over the land.

The dark agents want him dead or captured at any rate and the boy does not about his origin or the past of his family. Lusam’s grandmother was the only one who could have taught him magic but she too leaves the world unexpectedly. The boy wanders on the streets, hiding his aura from the rest of the people and not knowing what to do join a thief.

The beginning of the story is simple and the only thing mysterious is the odd powers that Lusam has and why he possess such a unique gift no one knows. Then there are people after him and we don’t know their motive as well. Dead Cadman has woven a great fantasy in all respects and Alex Wyndham has enhanced the magic in the series by narration.

The first two parts are intro of several people who can do wonders in magic and have special talents that separate them from the rest. The series is with a strong base and all his set for the future life of the great Lusam.

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