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One or two books for the kids made author and narrator Neil Gaiman very quickly famous among the children. He never tried to write non-fictional stuff for the kids because the kids of the modern era don’t like simple kind of stories. Norse Mythology and Fortunately, the Milk showed different adventures. One took back to the era of gods and goddesses where the son of Odin was fighting for their birthright while the second book took the listeners on a ride in the big flying saucer.

Now the author in a single book produces several short stories for kids of all ages. Previous fairy tales and fictional series are blended to form some new versions of them for the kids who just go wild to observe variations in a book. Stories are not very long which is another blessing for the kids who just cannot keep up with all the details being induced in their minds during the progress of the story.

Among these stories “How to Talk to Girls in a Party” is for teenagers only. This story has several ways described in it for the boys but it does not mean that it is full of such kinds of tips. The book gets into the same comic mood after some time and then there is just enjoyment for both boys and girls. Magic like all other stories comes into play and starts to dominate the scenes thus talking over everything. It would be better if someone listening to it does not go through all the stories at once because it will destroy their flavor in the mind.

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    Fortunately, the Milk

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