Mad River

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Psychopaths on the loose as the novel open with a bang this time telling us about three teenagers who have nothing interesting to do in life anymore. Luckily they found something to live for but unluckily for the town it slaughtering that they adopt.

John Sandford does not hide the criminal behind the curtain of suspense this time as he tells us about the three at the start. However, there is another thing that still brings suspense in the story. The question is why the three are mentally in such a state and what would be their next step as the crime seems to be becoming more and more intense.

First, they kill a man and then a woman, and who knows what next. There is another thing that the writer brings to our notice i.e if you don’t arrest a criminal on the spot he will commit more crime and deadlier ones.

Virgil Flowers is once again on the case as the boys with chips and guns come to Minnesota with no proper aim and no proper way of committing a crime. So there is no pattern no lead for Virgil to get on the tales of these three boys who have gone rogue. This is perhaps the toughest case not just in terms of leads but also the intensity of the crime unpredictable.

It’s good to listen to the voice of Eric Conger once again as the narrator continues the tone that was adopted in Rough Country and Bad Blood. We cannot find any weakness at in the narration in the whole series and the narrator has surely lifted the intensity of action in the series to the next level.



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    Shock Wave

    Deadline: Virgil Flowers


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