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The current book is with a general issue i.e bad news spreads fast, why it spreads fast no one has an answer. Perhaps it is the curiosity of the people who are always in search of something bad or news means a bad thing for them. There are some who take all this from a different angle they think that the bad news don’t give space to the good ones like the bad people. The discussion is on in this one too where Chip Heath and Dan Heath take the talk to a much further level to put this discussion on the final conclusion line.

Heath brothers come with a different idea altogether according to the two it is up to the people to make their ideas stickier by trying to inculcate their ideas in the way people can remember it easily. Presenting ideas is like giving ads on the T.V i.e using the right face and the right language for the presentation of the product. If people observe anything that is closer to their usual life they will start focusing and if remote stuff is observed the general public will try to get away from all of it.

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The book is nothing like Switch or Upstream, those two were on concepts, this one is on the way of dishing up the concepts so that they can remain in the mind for a longer span of time. It is about giving the people what you want in the way that they want. Charles Kahlenberg is back in action for the narration of another bestseller by the best two of the current era. Member Benefit

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