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When Drizzt and his companions thought of homecoming they had only one thing in mind i.e a sense of relaxation and a place with no war activities at all. The moment however they entered the place that they call home the whole place becomes a war zone. The champions of hall have their fate connected to war.

The evil was unleashed in the previous part Archmage which came out from the Abyss. The cracks and destruction have gone to the North and there are some damages that might not be repaired to eternity. Drizzt can think of nothing else he just has a single focus i.e going home with the army of dwarfs.

Though the army was never needed but there are certain suspicions and doubts in the mind of the dark elf and he really wants to see what is happening in that region. The City of Spiders has also fallen to the attacks of the demons and the monsters that are invading the territory are something that people have never imagined in their lives. The war is not sheer in this part but one thing is for sure that we are going to see a grand finale in the trilogy. The narration continues in high passion and superb pitch of Victot Bevine who is considered an expert in the field of fiction and depicts the scene of the war zone with an extra piece of energy.

The demons in homecoming appear to be having bigger motives as well because they are not stopping on a certain city or region which means that they are going big after every attack.


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