Magic and Other Misdemeanors

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No time to rest for the Sisters Grimm, the problems are rising from all sides of the land and more drastic thing at hand is the stealing issue. Whoever is behind the stealing knows fully what he needs from the Ever Afters and thus the plan is far bigger than it looks.

It is not jewels or other things like that which are disappearing, the thief is taking magical items from the land and those items could easily end the existence of Ferryport. Strange things are happening since Sisters Grimm: Once Upon a Crime and it is not about the simple issues related to the fairies now. Even in The Problem Child the situation was not quite friendly in nature.

Michael Buckley started the story for the kids in the voice of L.J. Ganser and after the third part there are some followers that are of the view that the Sisters Grimm is finally maturing. The girls are getting bigger year after year and thus there would be stuff that might not be called kids stuff anymore. Thank God such thing is just an assumption of the fans and such thing is not happening in the series.

There is plenty of magic and fun for everyone. The language and even the words that are still selected by the author are quite easily understandable for the kids under ten. It is all about a good finish now if the author wants to finish it because by the look of things the series has reached its middle and surely not the end at all. No sign of the parents till the end of this one and that suspense is also in the stock for the audience.







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