Magic’s Price

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The last Herald Mage was losing his powers since the start of the series and could have saved himself by not going to help a party nearby. Vanyel and Yfandes just could not stop themselves from going to the battleground in Magic’s Promise what they witness there was dark magic far more powerful than theirs. They have succeeded in restoring peace to the land and that’s what they have been trying to do all their life.

One with forbidden magic is still just waiting for them to make the wrong move so that he can fulfill his evil desires. The book has some flash backs to remind the fans what sort of life this warrior of Valdemar has spent. He sacrificed almost everything for the land that he loves the most and thinks that it is his duty to protect it at any rate. Vanyel lost his love and loved ones in the battle and in treacheries but he remained strong and determined keeping his mission in the mind all the time.

Story that started from Magic’s Pawn deserved an ending like this one; the polished narration by Gregory St. John is an extra blessing. Mercedes Lackey wrote a lot of stuff over the years about Valdemar and the Herald Mage and perhaps she would continue writing about this land but so far this is the best one of all. Emotions along with the scenes of sacrifice are awesomely portrayed and in the form of Vanyel not only a warrior but also a legend is going down slowly. Vanyel’s upcoming death is not pitiable because he is going down fighting and he has no remorse over what he has done over the years.

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    Magic’s Promise



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