Magna Carta

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Magna Carta is an account of The Birth of Liberty. It is a nonfictional book based on a highly engaging European History topic. Dan Jones is both the writer and narrator of this novel.

Dan Jones became the best-selling author in New York Times for his book, The Plantagenets. It was a beautiful short story of how actually Magna Carta came to be.

The Magna Carta is regarded all around the globe as the basic document of the Western Liberty. The principles of this document could be found in the Constitution and also in the Bill of Rights. But, what actually this weird document was, which dwells on the greater fishing rights and also on tax relief? And, most importantly, how this document managed to get the legendary status?

On the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta document, the author takes us back in time in the year 1215. It was an extremely turbulent time, where the Magna Carta was nothing more than a peace treaty between King John of England and a group of violent, self-interested barons, who were absolutely tired of the high taxes and fighting the endless foreign wars. The treaty goes on to fail well within a couple of months of its confirmation.

However, this crucial document was the very first time when a king of any territory was forced to follow his own set laws. This chapter from Dan Jones is all about the creation of Magna Carta, its sudden failure and also about the war that eventually submerged England.

The Wars of the Roses and Crusaders novels are also written by Dan Jones, who is a fantastic writer of nonfictional books, and especially those, which are related to the best topics from the history.

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