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The story depicts the relation between a mother and her daughter in American society and also its past as well as the present scenario. The story in dreams or in thinking modes moves back and forth in time. The impact of the past on the present relationship is quite clear. The unending bond between mother and her daughter has become a bit complex as they love each other but still, they are in opposition in most of the cases related to their lives. The story starts in 1976, the era is wonderfully described with each aspect kept in mind. Erica tried to commit suicide during her teenage because she was facing several psychological issues related to her troubled domestic life. The story is quite touching because though her mother was the cause of most of her troubles but still the love bond never breaks. Erica is 50 when her mother dies but still, she remembers everything related to her. Ruth Figgest has used irony up to the maximum level in his novel whenever we see cooperation between the mother and daughter in the story it paves the way to the opposition, similarly friendship leads to enmity and so on. High emotion is there which is quite clear from the suicidal attempt at the start; these things are basic elements of most of Ruth’s stories. The narration by Katherine Fenton too comes with the same intensity that is depicted in the story. High emotions with dialogues and monologues make us think about our own relationship with our parents in everyday life, its causes, and effects on our life and the life of our parents.

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