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Dick Hill has surely improved in the narrating skills; even with the tone of the narrator, we can now guess the mood of different characters in the novel. Well, the narration is not the only thing that has improved in the series.

Lee Child has improved a great deal since Die Trying and Tripwire, there is more perfection in the scenes and the ending provides a feeling of completion. Jack Reacher comes to the town known as Mother’s Rest for a stay. He is so fascinated by the name of the town that he wants to know about the origin of the name.

As he moves from one person to another asking them about the background of the name of the town, he meets Michelle Chang. Michelle after the first meeting just doesn’t take her eyes off Jack Reacher and he too finds strangeness in the lady. The lady lost her loved one, years ago and she is sure that Jack is the one whom she lost.

Jack’s resemblance to the missing man provides him a chance to come closer to the woman. After listening to her story a little he decides to help her with her small problem. Just when Jack starts moving along with the woman, danger surrounds him from all sides just when he was expecting it least. The story linked to the woman was just a start or first lead that Jack got. For the missing links, the hero jumps from one town to the other in the search of clues and the more he finds the more horrifying the case becomes for him and the rest of the people.




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