Malice at the Palace

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Lady Georgiana though remains empty handed throughout her life because she is not in the first row of the heirs. Making money has always been the toughest thing for her but it does not mean that she is the simple sort of country woman. She too has tricks under her sleeve that can help her win favors of those present in the high ranks and in such cases money flows towards her rather easily. Rhys Bowen has added the much needed thing that was never there in Heirs and Graces or Queen of Hearts i.e a development in the character.

Though the development is negative but still it is good to see that she has started to get herself noticed as a power in the palace, after all she too is with blue blood in her veins. The new assignment is to train Marina the ways of English culture so that she can marry Prince George. Though the prince had many affairs with women and men but the Queen wants to provide him with a well settled life now.

But Georgiana finds the skeleton in the cupboard as she brings out a dead body and soon it is recognized too as an old mistress of the prince. All the evidence lead to only one person and the Queen does not want the culprit to be arrested at any rate.

It is up to Georgiana again to hide the Royal Family’s dirty work but what if the mistress is not killed by the prince is another question that bothers her more than anything. Narration has improved a lot and this time Katherine Kellgren has given a spell bounding performance for the audience.




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    1. I don’t know what’s happened to all of your Rhys Bowen books but I’ve enjoyed them very very much. Give them all a top rating on here if I could figure out how. It seems we’re losing more of them every day. I’ve made it through all of the ones you had posted, but I loved them so much I went to listen again and most were gone. I now need God Rest Ye Royal Gentlemen. I wish I knew a way to contribute to you for more books, bc has brought much joy to my daily life. Thank you


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