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Map of Meaning by Jordan B Peterson

The author Jordan B Peterson has given an array of useful thoughts on how people weave their meaning of life and how they form, schemas, their interpretations and all the way they behave in certain situations. The author has keenly observed and described the different ways and methods different people choose to explain the meaning of the events and happenings around them.

Maps Of Meaning by Jordan B Peterson - One Minute Book Review ...


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He has emphasized that, though each in every one of us who belong to different cultures, different societies, and various tribes, we have a certain set of thinking lines that guide us to bring out or deduce the hidden meaning in the happenings around us or in our daily life events.

This book that is the Maps of meaning describes the meaning of people’s behavior, across cultures, the myths they develop, the thoughts they have, and the similarities that exist between all the rituals and stories that are there prevailing in all religions and cultures in this world.

As per the author, these stories, myths, and thoughts have connections that unleash the hidden meaning behind their existence and how they connect the structure of this world and all the humans in various cultures.

Jordan B. Peterson has successfully and very actively described the way these things are connected and how we can find out the meaning the real purpose behind everything that connects us with nature and another living being in this world.

This is a thoughtful book that reveals many things who want to know. The author has taken into account the Jung’s, Freud, neuroscience, and cognitive approaches to describe the meaning, the factors, and all the life events that describe human behavior across different cultures.


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