Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer

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A serial killer on the loose but this time it’s not a person that can be arrested by the police or could be stopped by the forces of mankind as it is a monster of destruction that starts the rampage that appears to be unstoppable. Colette Iselin is the one that holds the key as she is the one with the visions related to the killing of the people who strangely are connected by a strange link a link that they themselves have forgotten about, a deed that was done perhaps by their ancestors before anyone of them was even born.

The story takes place in Paris which is a city of romance and that was Colette also wanted at first when she came to France with her friends with a hope of finding a handsome boy for her, she finds a handsome boy but she lacks the time to enjoy his beauty charm because she finds out that she too was one of the descendants of the people who participated in the killing of Queen Marie Antoinette. The ghost of the queen now wants revenge as it is awakened and there is no stopping it.

Colette has no other way than encaging the ghost as otherwise, this would prove her last tour in her life. Katie Alender has created a thriller with murders, ghosts, mysterious happening and also a strong bond with the history of France that links the current characters together. The past references are ample to understand the whole mystery. There are two narrators Elea Oberon, Erin Spencer, they have done a terrific job in depicting the role of the Colette and the French boy who loves one another but fate has not given them the time to express it.   

Feared by Hell – Unbelievable Mr. Brownstone book 1 – Michael Anderle and The Killing Habit (Tom Thorne Book 15) – Mark Billingham are some other options if you need more stories to spend your time.



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