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Zoey the marked one gets the introduction from the two authors P.C. Cast and Kirstin Cast in the beginning of the story. Series looks like an ordinary tale in the opening chapters where a teenage girl is facing high school issues really badly. Her crush on Heath gets to the point where it becomes uncontrollable for her but expressing it is impossible for her. Her so called boy friend i.e Heath looks to be slipping away from her as he is showing less interest in the surroundings.

Kayla also one of the troubles just does not keep herself away from Heath and this pains Zoey badly too. All of this stuff makes the story a typical teenage drama but there is more to the series than these everyday issues. The story has vampires in it, the prime one of course is Zoey who is marked and this makes her one of the chosen ones. House of Night has been her future since the day she was born, the vampire Goddess Nyx needs her no matter what happens.

To add more to the troubles of the young girl a group emerges in the school that starts using its powers in the open. For putting an end to this entire maniac Zoey must bring out her true self in front of the whole school but there is danger that she might lose her close allies. Betrayed and Chosen are compulsory after this one otherwise the taste of the vampire world would be ruined. Caitlin Davies with whispering tone in narration sets the stage well for the next parts to come in the series.




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