Mated Girl

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Wolf Girl series starts governing the mind of the listener once it is started and till this finale the mind of the listener will not rest. There is a craving which is developed in our mind after ending every part of this series. Lost Girl and Alpha Girl showed us different parts of the magical world and now it is the finale in which the girl has escaped the Dark Woods and now she is searching for her soul mate.

Sawyer is in prison and it is not an ordinary prison in which he is kept rather it is the deadliest one in the world. Escaping this prison is not an option because the guards of the queen allow no one to pass. The girl has to defeat the queen if she wants to save her mate and she is willing to do it because she cannot think of her life without Sawyer. Going alone is not a good option so she has called for some help from an old friend.

The help comes to her right in time, however nobody is going to help her when she will confront the queen. It is a fight which she has to fight alone without taking any help. Leia Stone makes the audience ready to see the picture of the magical world going down.

The only thing which the listeners hope is that the two lovers don’t go down with the magical world. All of us want to see their love life prevail as they have gone through a lot already. Vanessa Moyen narrated the previous parts on her own but here she has found the support of another narrator in the form of Adam Gold.

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